With depth, concision, compassionate Mama-bear love,
a buoyant personality and a knack for holding space we’ll work together
to reveal your lightest light and make peace with your shadowy parts.


“YOU are the dream-weaver, the vision-keeper, the myth-maker.
YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for.”

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My commitment to you:

★ I’ve got your back
★ I keep it real
★ There will be belly laughs, tears, playfulness…
and occasional gettin’ down to bizness (with a side of cheese)
★ I’ll hold you accountable for your growth
★ I’ll empower you to stand in your strength

To support our work together, I bring:

★ 14+ years of teaching yoga full-time
★ 9 years of studio owning
★ 8+ years of leading teacher trainings around the globe
★ Continuing studies in Mountain Shamanism
(from the lineage of the Q’ero Medicine People of Peru)
★ Meditation as taught by my teacher Master Dhyan Vimal, and Ayurveda
★ Sincere love for what I do; I count my blessings daily

Kristin Campbell