Become the sought-after yoga teacher who educates, uplifts and inspires!

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I will help you turn your blind spots into sweet spots and set yourself apart as a YOU-nique and thriving modern day yoga teacher.


Do you relate to these challenges?

  • “Not good enough” You compare yourself to other teachers  – and hold the belief that you’ll never be as talented,
  • “They hate me!” You are unclear about who your right tribe aka ideal student is,
  • “No money, mo’ problems” You are struggling to make ends meet in an over-saturated market,
  • “Oh frig!” Teaching mixed levels classes overwhelms you,
  • ”Oh crap, she’s got a knee injury!” You are nervous about causing injury or unsure how to take care of someone with special needs like pregnancy or specific injuries,
  • “I know nothing” You feel like you are losing the knowledge and skills you acquired during those potent hours of teacher training,
  • “Bartending is destroying my life” You aren’t finding the time to maintain your own yoga and meditation practice.


I will help you:

  • Develop your YOU-nique voice and YOU-nique offering as a teacher,
  • Define your core message and identify your ideal student avatar,
  • Build community and student retention whether you are teaching one-to-one or group classes,
  • Offer modifications and variations in all levels classes,
  • Teach safe, and accessible yoga for every-body with clarity and confidence,
  • Create dynamic themes and sequences that motivate, uplift and inspire your students,
  • Maintain a regular yoga, meditation and overall self-care practice.

Depending on your current challenges and goals, I can work with you in a short burst or over a longer period in which we work with your specific needs and intentions.

My Vision:

I give you the short-cut to unleashing your teaching genius.

My Promise:

I will meet you where you are and take you to a higher place in your teaching (and in your life) – all in alignment with your highest purpose, vision and YOU-ness.

We humans don’t know what we don’t know. We can’t see our own blind spots.

It will be my job to get you to your “don’t know,” and to recognize the blind spots that are keeping you stuck and in the way of you being the best version of you that only YOU can be.


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What you get from me every time we meet?


  • When your doubtful shadow side rears it’s ugly head I will help you work with that aspect of you, and rise beyond it.
  • We will explore your growing edge and I will give you powerful (yet achievable) next steps, and practices to work with.
  • My full presence, love, expertise and support.
  • My support between sessions, you can email me anytime and I will respond within 48- hours.
  • You will be lovingly pushed, stretched and transformed (physically and metaphorically).
  • I will hold you accountable as a teacher and as a student. Plan to be in session outside of our meetings.


Are you ready to hone your teaching genius and set yourself apart?


  • Sessions are 1 hour long (and you can count on me spending time preparing for our sessions outside of this precious hour).
  • We will meet on Skype, or in person when possible. Skype sessions will be recorded and you will receive a copy of the recording to listen to as often as you like.
  • Payment must be paid in advance through paypal, email transfer or in person.
  • Please note, scheduled meetings require a 24-hr cancellation otherwise you will be charged for any missed appointments.


Kristin Campbell