What others are saying:

“After 6 mentoring sessions with Kristin I have:
More focus, less inner critic.
Students who reflect my ideal student avatar.
2 more classes on the schedule AND got to choose my preferred time slot.
For the first time I fully booked my registered class series a week prior to start.”
Jules Jeffery, Australia

“Kristin taught me how to feel the postures from the inside out. She has a special gift with people and with words that make people see her as a mentor rather than just a teacher. She nourishes her students with her knowledge, past experience, passion, compassion and quirkiness!”
Nikos Georgosopoulos, London UK

“Kristin allowed me explore the playful and dynamic side to yoga.  Kristin encouraged each of us to find our own voice and expression in our teaching and in practice.  Kristin is humble and honest about her own challenges, and she has street cred from her many years of teaching yoga, owning her own studio, and training teachers.
With humour, authenticity and her balls-to-the-wall personality, Kristin brings a great deal of personal and professional yoga experience to her students.”
Katie Bibbs MBA, BSc, Montreal, Quebec

“Kristin’s philosophy and approach to the practice is consistent and well-considered. I learned about the importance of continuous investigation. I received a good foundation in anatomy and how to teach the poses safely for a lifelong practice.“
Jillian Browning, High School Teacher, Vancouver BC

“Kristin finds a way to communicate so that others understand, she has a natural ability to read and empower others. Her approach is honest, and direct, I was able to untangle some myths in my own body which translate clearly into my teaching. Refining language and thought patterns have been a huge for me, I am more confident teaching and class sequencing has become more fun and creative.”
May Nogoy, Hong Kong

“Kristin’s 200-hour training gave me a strong foundation and confidence to start teaching. I was impressed by Kristin’s expertise in anatomy, sequencing, history and philosophy of yoga. Her sense of humour and clear and colourful demonstrations of optimal alignment allowed us to see exactly what we needed to do in order for us to be ready to guide our future students to their optimal expressions of asanas.”
Carl Larouche BA & BEd (UBC) MA (McGill)

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Kristin Campbell