“A physical system which has not been subjected to the purifying fire of an arduous tapasya — is like a raw earthen vessel, insufficiently baked, which splits and spills when poured into it.”  – Sanskrit Dictionary

Tapasya Yoga

All levels welcome.


Tapasya Hot

All levels welcome.


Tapasya Power Vinyasa

All levels welcome.


Tapasya Flow

All levels welcome.


Tapasya Yin Restorative

All levels welcome.


Tapasya Yin | Yang Vinyasa

All levels welcome.


Shamanic Yoga

All levels welcome.



All levels welcome.


About Tapasya Yoga Classes and Teacher Trainings

Founded in 2012, Tapasya Yoga (pronounced tah-pahs-yah) is a spiritually uplifting and sustainable alignment-based method of Hot-Hatha and Hatha-Vinyasa yoga.

Tapasya Hot-Hatha + Hatha-Vinyasa classes and teacher trainings are a creative synthesis of over 20+ years of yogic study in several traditions:

★ Anusara Yoga
★ Bikram Yoga
★ Baptiste Power Vinyasa
★ Hatha Yoga
★ Meditation
★ Ayurveda
★ Shamanism

“My classes are engaging, intuitive and transformative. Through concise and accessible language, I teach optimal alignment for every-body to enhance, uplift and expand your practice. Come pray, learn, sweat and laugh with me!” -Kristin

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Although each studio has branded their Hot class differently, Tapasya Hot-Hatha + Hatha-Vinyasa inspired classes and teacher trainings are being offered in the UK and Canada.

In the UK:

★ triyoga UK (London UK)

In Europe:

★ Yoga Moves (Utrecht, Netherlands)

In Canada:

★ YYoga (Toronto ON, + Vancouver, Whistler BC)

Breathe Squamish

★ Kamloops Hot Yoga (Kamloops BC)

★ BambuHot Yoga (Nelson BC)

Canmore Hot Yoga (Canmore, Alberta)

★ Dynamic Fitness (Charlottetown PEI, Fredericton + Moncton NB)


  • Kristin is wise, creative, wild, nurturing and kind. Most important she earnestly walks her spiritual path & has done so for a long while... devoted, humble and honest. She'll tell it to you like it is. With humour. If she can help; she will. KC is real. Real amazing. And generous with sharing her knowledge.

    Coco Finaldi, YYoga Vancouver BC
  • Kristin builds each pose piece by piece like a puzzle making no body part feel left out, every cue so well timed that the practitioner is able integrate each guiding cue as if she were doing the pose with you.

    Kaila Kaufmann,  Owner, Bambu Hot Yoga, Nelson BC
  • Kristin connects in a way that is warm, playful, engaging, inspiring and enthusiastic. With depth, concision, compassionate Mama energy, a buoyant personality and a knack for holding space, Kristin teaches sustainable, alignment-based yoga.

    Rachel Scott, YYoga's Director of Teachers College, Vancouver BC
  • Kristin's cuing is concise, and steeped in tradition without being fluffy. Her sequencing makes the class flow like water. Her hands on assists are intuitive and confident. Kristin finds a way to connect to each and every person in a unique way.

    Jane Emerick, Mama, Yoga Teacher, Strategic Alliances and Partner Marketing at Whistler/Blackcomb. Squamish BC 

Tapasya Hot-Hatha


The room is heated to approximately 40°C with 40% humidity.
Fusing heat with principles of physical and spiritual alignment.
We hope to inspire the student to first check in to what inspires your practice today.
Your why will informs how and what will play out on your mat.
The heat facilitates safer, deeper stretching, a detoxifying sweat and a healthy glow. We encourage you to find balance between effort and ease.
This is a well rounded series that incorporates breathing exercises and static postures to balance strength and flexibility, physically and mentally. You will see and feel immediate results and build a solid foundation to navigate from in all aspects of your life.
Regular practice promises prevention of dis-ease and countless benefits to those suffering from sport related injury, stress, back/knee pain, scoliosis, insomnia, skin disorders and poor digestion.
This class is ideal for beginners and suitable for all levels of student over the age of 12 years.
Not recommended for pregnant women or for children who have not yet developed their sweat glands.

“Sweat is an ancient form of self healing, it burns karma, purifying body and soul.
Sweat is holy water, prayer beads, pearls of liquid that release our past, anointing all your parts in a baptism by fire.”   >>> Gabrielle Roth

Why is the room kept at 40°C + 40% humidity ?

★ Tapas is the internal fire that we create as practitioners to burn out impurities from our body. While we embrace tapas on a literal level through the use of heat for detoxification, tapas also has a secondary philosophical meaning of “being with intensity for the sake of transformation.” In this way, tapas is not simply about temperature, but about the practitioner’s capacity to sit in the fire of spiritual, mental, and physical transformation as a way to truly be able to sit with ourselves.

★ Svadyaya / Self-Study is the process we undertake to lead an examined spiritual life by honestly and compassionately confronting our deepest truths. In order to truly make peace in the world we have to make peace with ourselves first. We use the mirrors as one of the tools to bring practitioners into direct connection with themselves. The mirror is not for self-improvement, it is for self-acceptance.

★ Isvara Pranidhana is to align with devotion to Spirit.

★ Enhances vasodilatation so that more blood is delivered to the muscles. This means that the capillaries that weave around the muscles respond to the heat by dilation. This brings more oxygen to the muscles and helps in the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

★ Allows oxygen in the blood to detach from the hemoglobin more easily. When blood passes through warm muscles, oxygen releases more easily from the hemoglobin. Blood passing through cold muscles releases less oxygen.

★ Speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.

★ Improves coordination.

★ Reduces heart irregularities associated with sudden exercise

★ Burns fat more easily. Warmed muscles burn fat more easily than cold ones. Fat is released during stress. The stress of intense exercise causes a deluge of fatty acids into the bloodstream. If you exercise with cold muscles, they cannot use the fatty acids, and they end up in places they are not wanted, such as in the lining of your arteries.

★ Sweating is one of the three methods for removing waste from the body (the others are from elimination (pooping and peeing) and breathing.

★ Increased blood flow to means more efficient flow of oxygen and nutrients to the body.

★ Warm muscles are more elastic and are less susceptible to injury. Warmer temperatures produce a more fluid stretch, allowing for a greater range of motion. Cold muscles don’t absorb shock and impact as well and do not stretch as easily so cold muscles get injured more readily.

★ Tourniquet effect, a squeeze and release process where blood flow is restricted temporarily. This restriction of circulation causes the heart to pump more blood in reaction to the shortage and new oxygenated blood is able to rejuvenate the arteries, organs and joints that were being compressed clearing stagnation, breaking down scar tissue and flushing joints with synovial fluid. Many of the postures massage the lymphatic system and aid in lymphatic drainage, assisting to eliminate infection, bacteria, and toxins.

★ Higher temperatures improve the function of the nervous system, meaning that messages are carried more rapidly to and from the brain or spinal cord.

Tapasya Hatha-Vinyasa


Warm Tapasya Hatha – Vinyasa :

The sequence will be challenging, yet energizing and accessible for all levels. The room is heated to approximately 32°C.

★ This is a perfect class for all levels who enjoy doing yoga in a moderately heated room and are interested in expanding their yoga repertoire of both flowing and static postures.
★ Classes include basic sun salutations, standing & balancing postures, yoga-core specific postures, introduction to arm balances, hip opening, spine strengthening and opening postures.


Tapasya Hatha – Vinyasa :

The class is vigorous, yet energizing and accessible for all levels. The room is NOT heated.

★ Integrating breath + movement, awareness + alignment, strength + flexibility.
★ Vinyasa Flow is the dance of opposites ha (sun or yang) / tha (moon or yin), brahmana (expansion) / longhana (contraction), sthira (stability) / sukha (freedom).
★ You will flow through a series of energizing, dynamic and fun postures that liberate the flow of prana (life force) in your body.
★ Everything that flows in your body is a form of prana (life force); breath, blood, cerebral spinal fluid, lymph, emotions etc.
★ Emphasis on breath as the key, and relaxation in action the way, to be in the flow.



Tapasya Yin Restorative + Tapasya Yin | Yang Vinyasa


Tapasya Yin Restorative :

Well suited for Pre & Post Natal students, all ages, levels of fitness and flexibility
★ A highly restorative class to compliment your active lifestyle. Focus is primarily on the less flexible areas of the body such as lower back, hips, hamstrings and shoulders.
★ Passive release poses are held anywhere from 2-10 minutes. Props are used to support your body in this deep release.

Tapasya Yin | Yang Vinyasa :

all levels
★This class begins with a Yang practice (a Vinyasa Flow) to invigorate and strengthen the body and finishes with slow, deep, passive-stretching (Yin postures).
★The perfect balance of strength and flexibility.



9:15 – 10:30-am Hatha-Vinyasa | Shala Yoga Squamish


9:30 – 10:45-am WARM Hatha-Vinyasa | North Yoga Squamish

5:30 – 6:45-pm Hatha-Vinyasa | Shala Yoga Squamish


9:15 – 10:30-am Hatha-Vinyasa | Shala Yoga Squamish


9:30 – 10:45-am WARM Hatha-Vinyasa | North Yoga Squamish


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Tapasya Hot-Vinyasa Master Class and Hot-Hatha and Hot-Vinyasa Teacher’s Mentorship Workshop at Yoga Moves Utrecht, NL

Lift Your Hot Classes and Teaching to the Next Level… Refine your teaching skills for teaching to multiple levels and, lift your students to their next level!  Kristin will help you turn your blind spots into sweet spots that will set yourself apart as a thriving modern-day yoga teacher. This is an opportunity for you to be coached by Kristin individually and as a group.

Dates: May 4, 2019 

[ read more ]

Tapasya Hot-Vinyasa Teachers Workshop with 2 Master Classes at Yoga Moves Utrecht NL

For certified teachers who would like to teach this class.

Dates: May 11, 2019



For more info and to register for TO THE ROOTS go to www.thelayeredlife.ca 

Family Friendly Retreat in Bali October 10 – 16, 2019

co-teaching with Jane Emerick. Contact me to learn more.

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